Most people selling on their own think, "Why would I need a Real Estate Professional to sell my home?"

Well, here are just a few of the key reasons why For Sale By Owners need help:

  1. If they're not on top of the real estate market on a daily basis, they likely won't have a good understanding on how they should be pricing their home. If they start at the wrong price, they'll miss the window of opportunity to get the best offers on their home.  Working with me will ensure that your home will be priced competitively with today's market and will guarantee your home is sold FAST and for TOP DOLLAR.

  2. A property depreciates the longer it is on the market.  Many owners trying to sell on their own don't have the networks and outreach that a professional real estate agent does.  I'm always active on social media and promote my listings on multiple websites for buyers to access at any time of the day.   

  3. The two most common people who prey on For Sale by Owner Home Sellers are:
    • #1. Investors/Bargain Hunters: these people who are looking to capitalize on a For Sale By Owner Seller's lack of negotiating experience and market knowledge to score their next deal. Having me on your side to handle the negotiations for you in a professional manner will save you more money than you would likely think you are saving through commissions.

    • #2. People who can't qualify to buy your home: These people will often approach For Sale by Owner sellers because they have had previous financial difficulties and want the owner to finance them. While for the right person, this could be a profitable investment, most sellers need to pull as much equity out of the property as possible to be able to move on with their next home.

    Having me look after your property ensures that you are only getting qualified buyers through your home which eliminates the "looky-loos" and other individuals with not so good intentions taking a walk through your house.  We also have connections with some of the best mortgage brokers in the industry working with us who can pull the necessary strings to help finance a purchase.

  4. Most people selling on their own don't realize that if they step away from their home, then it can't be shown and is technically off the market.  Having me look after your listing ensures that you will always have someone fielding questions and arranging showings of your place whether you are just grabbing groceries or taking off on a nice vacation.

  5. If you're selling on your own you can expect to put in 70-80 hours of "work" into the venture, without a guaranteed result. Not to mention all the extra costs associated with marketing the house.  Let me reduce your stress load and have me take care of the details from start to finish so that you can focus on enjoying your life.

If you have considered selling your home by on your own, I would love to sit down with you and discuss your choice, WITH NO PRESSURE OR OBLIGATION!

Let me show you how you can save money!

Call me at the office at 250-374-3331 or reach me directly at 250-320-3980